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This community will provide you with tools to create public or private group, share resources, start or participate in listserves and add your event to the pubic calendars. AS well as learn and connect with one another. You are welcome to share accomplishments, write a blog, get a review, detail your tour product as well as provide information about yourself and your company.

This is YOUR community. 
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Engaging with the ASTA Community is EasyComplete your profile so others can get to know you! Here are a few ways to connect with this community. 

My Page. Check your ‘My Page’ first.  Here you will see all your latest posts or group activities. You can also send out a quick message or ask the community a question.

Groups and Forums. Look around and join a group (or start one) and then give your opinion on a topic in the discussion forums.  It is all about connecting!

Blog. This is a longer form of communication where you can share information express an opinion or even a frustration. This is a great place to write about your company and your professional experience.


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Getting Started

Don't know where to start? First, add a description of yourself. Next, find a photo of yourself to upload for your profile!


Welcome to the ASTA Community. This is your space to create new groups - public or private.

Basically, you can do anything want too do with it. If you have just created a new project and want feedback - just ask the community.

If you have a new video you want folks members to see, just upload it. Have brochures to share, feel free.

If you are on an ASTA committee and want a secure restricted group of colleagues and a private place to store resource files, collaborate. This is it.

You will be able to set up private group for individuals in your company similar to old-school intranet. Just a lot easier.

This is YOUR ASTA community.

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ASTA China Summit 2017

ASTA China Summit 2017

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